Update previous rows column value when a new row is added

My parent table has a column (Survey Status) to indicate the status of that record.
At this point I ask my users to manually update the status of old records from Latest to Previous.
But of course after only a few surveys I end up with multiple Latest records as Latest is given upon creation and my users forget to update the old record.
I don’t blame them it’s not user friendly.

How can I make it so that when I create a new record in my table the column (Survey Status) value of the previous record will be updated from Latest to Previous?

I’m pretty sure it’s an easy solution but I can’t get my head wrapped around it.

I think that you need to use automation. Follow the steps on the image. Inside “Run a data action” you can set different types of actions about the rows of your table. Inside Events, you can set the data change type trigger. Finally, inside Bots, create a new one and choose the event that trigger the process you create.

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Took me some messing around with the actions but I got it somewhat working.