Update Related Tables when deleting data

when i delete payments, it also deletes “payment details” as they are considered a part of the “payment” record. how do i update the invoice status and balance without using virtual columns.

to create payment/details and update invoice i use a series of action to update the invoice when the payment is created. but when i delete the payment i cant seem to figure out how to update that invoice as the action needs a reference to update a record.

any advice/help would be appreciated.

@clint_thomas Have you tried to use Workflow/Data change for this purpose?


that was my initial approach unfortunately it didn’t work. but i did figure out a work around…

i create another action to change the data on the field to be deleted to 0, and then i have an action to update the invoice, then it deleted the payment detail and the payment data from their respective tables…

without changing the data to 0 it would never update the invoice because it had nothing to reference

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Glad you were able to solve the challenge!

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