Update Row After The Current Row that was Updated

I wasn’t sure how to post a short video, so below is a link to view.

I have an ‘Initial Value’ formula for a column [Amount_Pumped] that is calculated based on current row [Meter_Reading] value and the previous row [Meter_Reading] value. This part works as expected and does not seem to have any problems.

I also have a VC [RowAfter] that pulls the [id] of the row that may or may not be after the current row. When the [Meter_Reading] value gets updated I check if the updated row has a [RowAfter] and if it does it executes a Workflow that also updates the [Amount_Pumped] column in the Row After. This process also seems to work as intended.

Now the question. Is there an alternative way available that would update the [Amount_Pumped] column in the Row After simultaneously as soon as I updated the [Meter_Reading] in my current row?

Sample Video

Well I think this will ultimately be my solution, just is not implemented yet.