Update Rows in Another table

I would like appsheet to implement a Action where one can Update Rows in another Table.
Currently we can add but we cannot Update.

Currently am stuck in a few apps do to this. And not having this action makes everything 25X complex for those non programers out there. I believe the usability and flex-ability are key to keep the new user hooked.

@Steve, can we get a help file for Reference Actions? There’s only a sample app.

Non referenced. Using just formulas. Completely unconnected.

I’m confused, why was my post hidden?

You don’t need any references to run this kind of action, you just need to be able to create a list of row keys. I’m quite sure you can use this to do what you’ve described.

Hi @Marc_Dillon!

It was probably a mistake of some kind but it seems that your post got “flagged” for some reason. If we click on it, though, we can see that you provided two images showing how to use the “Data: execute an action on a set of rows” action, just what I was thinking of too.

But I also see now that @Jonathan_S is interested in a different approach.

Oh, now it seems to be visible again – hopefully to everyone, but made just to me because I clicked on it. ? ? ?

By the way, I can sympathize with @Jonathan_S’s interest in wanting something simpler. I’ve made lots of actions like this but the fact that you have to combine two actions that have to be edited separately is rather troublesome to deal with. I’m not quite sure what is needed but something that is simpler and easier for the app creator to implement would certainly be welcome. So, here’s my vote. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’d missed it. Voted!

Not at all easily. :frowning:

I agree with @Jonathan_S request.

What @Marc_Dillon suggests with “execute an action on a set of rows” does not directly solve the needed problem without extra complexity added.

Consider the common problem of updating Inventory from Order Details.

I can create a Workflow that detects when an Order is completed and then use an “execute an action on a set of rows” to get the list of Product Codes and call another action to update the associated Inventory records by those Product Codes.

The problem is when I am in the Action to update the Inventory, all I have is the Product Code from the Order Detail record. I have no way to link back to the precise Order Detail record that holds the Quantity that needs to be adjusted on the Inventory record.

We are left with creating some kind of workaround method to deal with this gap.

If there was an “update a row in another table using values from this row” Action, then we can directly make the Inventory update with no added complexity needed.

I recognize that in a multi-user distributed system, this may not be the best approach. But there are many instances for developers where this would be sufficient. AppSheet platform should just give the tools and, being a no-code/low-code system, the tools should be easy to use. It is up to the developer to make sure they are using the RIGHT tool for the apps needs.