Update table2 when action is run against table1

Hi everyone,

Currently I have 2 tables and would like a row on driver list(table2) to be updated when an action is run on open runs(table1).

Mostly I need help figuring out the referenced rows expression. Currently I have this

FILTER(“Driver List”, Name = [Assigned Driver].Name)

But it doesn’t seem to be finding any driver/row on the driver list table.
Assigned Driver is a reference field on the open runs table, referring to a row on the driver list table.

A similar question seemed to have been asked before, but they didn’t directly discuss the expression and I am stuck at the moment.

Any help is appreciated!!


Hi Frank

Have you seen this post?

Also review this sample app that may help you a lot

I had the same problem and changed the way of referenced rows as in this sample app.

Hope it helps.

Hey, thanks for taking a look at my issue.

I’ll look at these and see if I can get something implemented.

See a 3 min video in the on Guide menu of sample app. Everything is clearly shown there.

Thank you I was able to fix it following the app.

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