Update: UX color scheme

Hi all!

If you’ve created a new app recently, you’ve probably noticed a change to the color scheme selections. We’ve updated the choices available to select either a light color scheme or a dark color scheme paired with your button color of choice. This is a temporary, incremental part of some of the improvements we’ll be making to the branding capabilities in your AppSheet editor.

As part of this change, we’d love to hear more from you, our app creators. Because of this we’ll have a few members of our team who work closely with UX in our Office Hours session on Tuesday, November 26th. During that time you’ll be able to provide feedback and ask UX related questions. Register here if you’re interested in attending.

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Hi! I have 2 suggestions for the UX color scheme.

1: The White - Red (The red would look better as more of a true red, rather than a light red)

2: I actually liked some of the plain color choices that have been removed. Like my app currently is using the green one, but that one has been taken off, so as soon as I try a different color, I wont be able to return to my green that I like. Thanks!


Hi AppSheet

I have got a problem with “Card View” the front is disappear with other color only white template is work but other color is not work.
Second the header of other table in dashboard view is too large. Could it open the developer to choose to remove or keep it?
Third it would be great if we can working on “Dash Board view”
Last point. It would be more power if we can add in row in table view same as “Quick Edit”

Hope this help .
Thank you very much from Thailand ^^

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What a terrible idea! So you take away a capability and call it an incremental part of some of the improvements? Does this mean that there will be more “improvements” which are incremental and involve the quiet removal of features from the interface?

At least it is temporary. This leaves me with a little bit of hope that this feature will return to the way it once was. How temporary is it?


On my wishlist :blush:


Thanks so much for the feedback @retailpartnercom!

Hi @Nathan_Aycock. We don’t have a firm timeline yet for when the feature will be adjusted, but it is being worked on.

Hi @Appsheet_EasyApp! Are you working on mobile device or a desktop?