Update: UX color scheme


I mean by the Color problem that even if you choosed whatever colore theme, you wont get anything but the black colore, no red no blue no orange nothing, just the black icons.

But if i returned to the old Ui with the sync and share buttons, the colore themes works fine.


I see. I was just referring to the bars at the bottom of the screen. I hope the color issue gets resolved soon. :slight_smile:

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Yes we are on the same page, its all about the bar’s color at the bottom . I hope so, i waited for long time now :frowning:


So, I had a green layout before and now it is just white? I cant even change it back if I tried? Even when I select light layout with the green color selected, the background is still white. HELP

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How do you return to old color scheme?!?! I hate the new one and need help bad.

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Supposedly, you can’t…
Maybe you can restore to a prior version before you made that change.


Hi @Christian_Martinek At this time you’re unable to revert back to the old color scheme. What can we help you with for your color scheme?

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Just learned about this trying to create a new app. Only light and dark theme? You call this improvement? This a step back. Now i have to copy one of my current apps. Delete everything in it just to have my colored theme in my new app. Not to mention the work i already put in the new app. Now i have to start over. Bravo team appsheet! Bravo! You are really making me work for it don’t you.


Hi @Vlad_Roman Thank you for your feedback. This change is part of a series of incremental improvements that we’re making on the UX side of app creation. This color theme change is meant to be temporary, be sure to follow along in this community for information on future updates.


These future updates will include some sort of color scheme option for top and bottom ? Thank you!


I’ve just been refreshing one of my apps for the year, and was also astonished that choosing a different “primary color” meant the lovely coloured header and footer areas just turned white and I can’t do anything about it. It looks so boring now. Surely this is a bug rather than an improvement?
Is there any outlook on when it can be fixed please?

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You’re not alone, @Chris_Green. The forums are full of other users upset by this change and AppSheet is aware.

They keep mentioning that this is an incremental change and hinting towards some larger improvement, but have not said if this specific option will return.

I like the new Light/Dark options, and I understand the need to roll out major UI updates in phases. I’m really hoping that this is just the first step at giving us much more control over the UI- including changing the header colors again.

AppSheet has been a lot better about listening to community feedback lately. And of all the recent changes, this one seems to have the most negative responses in the forums.

Overall, I’m happy with the platform and think the dev’s are doing great work.

All we can do is keep providing feedback and hope the next update addresses the issues we are most vocal about.


I think they should at least add the option to restore it, or maybe a pop up warning… Lots of people are pretty upset about it…


Come on guys… bring back the color options, please !

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Hello, could you give us an estimate date for the return of the color please? so we can communicate it to our customers thanks


Update please. Another 6 weeks and I am now affected by this terrible situation. My App which used to be a lovely blue now looks like total garbage and the only way for me to fix it is to roll back an entire days worth of coding work? C’mon team - either fix it or give us some sort of workaround ASAP!

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Hi everyone. While I don’t have a firm answer for anyone yet on a timeline, I want you all to know we see your frustration. As soon as I have information available for you all I’ll post it to this thread.


I am sure that the UX will be fixed to a much better, however, while waiting on it, I have a workaround that I am using right now to keep the colors. I share the link here, just in-case someone have not read it yet and might also found it useful for the time-being.

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following waiting for more colorful themes


I noticed that my white label Android app no longer display the slightly darker app color at the top notification bar in Android. Can you bring back that feature?