Update value issues on detail view


I have an issue with update on a detail view. Sometimes working, sometimes not. I want the value of the colums Prévision Heure to be updated on the detail view. As on capture, it is not working. The formula seems to be working as the column is OK on capture 6. Any idea ?

Capture4 Capture5 Capture6

I’m afraid I don’t understand the problem. Can you try stating it a different way, perhaps with more details?

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Ok no problem I try to precise it. I have a detail view (chantier) with a column called Prevision heure. Prevision heure is a sum of the quantity column of several Main d’oeuvre ( which are records related to Chantier). When I add or delete or édit a Main d’oeuvre record, the Prevision heure column is correctly updating on the Chantier form. I assume the sum formula is ok. But on the Chantier detail view, on which I chose to show the Prevision heure value, the value is not updating correctly. Am I clear enough ?

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Does the Prevision heure value eventually update, after a sync?

It doesn’t here is the point

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Is Prevision heure a virtual column, or a normal column?

Hi Steve, it’s an normal one.

Ah, that’s the problem. Normal column app formulas are only recalculated when the row containing the column is itself updated; the normal column’s app formula is not recalculated when data it uses outside its row changes. To achieve a responsive update, you will either need to change the normal column to a virtual column (easier), or use actions and possibly workflows to update the normal column when the child rows change (much harder).

See also:

OK then ! Thanks. The easy way is fine but I would like to keep information in the database. Actually it is quite hard to understand the “recalculate” action in the workflow documentation even if it seems to be the way to do it. Much easier when you say it :wink: