Update Value Using Action

hello there, is there any way to update multiple value of rows using an Action?

for example if i have “Item status” column and the initial value of the status is pending and when i press the action button the status for those items will change to delivered

Yes, it is possible; you can set up as many columns as you want.
Go to behavior, create the actions and set “Do this:” to Data: set values of some columns in this row
Then you pick the columns you want to edit when the actions is executed.

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or if you are refering to edit multiple rows at one you should pick Data: Execute ana action on a set of rows.


Thank you! this is what i needed

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guess i spoke too soon. :sweat_smile:

i am having trouble specifying rows that i want to change.
Mainly i am having problem with the expression in the Referenced Row. I am unable to to list the rows applying condition

A more detailed explanation of what type of action you are trying to set up might be helpful and from where you are trying to execute this action. Screenshot is almost always helpful.

If you are trying to execute the action from either a detail view or table/list view then typically you would choose the set values of some columns in this row and there would be no need to set the referenced row.

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okay so this is my table

so i want to able to update multiple rows itemstatus “blank” to “added” after i execute an action