Updated doc: List Expressions and Aggregates

Completely rewritten.

Feedback welcome.


Very nicely formatted!!

I recall some discussion around List subtraction when the subtracted value appeared multiple times in the original list. Could you add an example to the Constructing a List with Subtraction section of what happens when you subtract the list {“Bob”} from the original sample list in that section?

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Very nice thank you @Steve I again learned some things :slight_smile:

Could you add EnumList?
And perhaps an Example like this?

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Not clear to me what this would demonstrate. :confused:

I considered tackling the difference between List and EnumList, but those are (technically) column types and have no distinction within expressions. Within expressions, both List and EnumList are lists. I feel the distinction is better left to the column type docs.

As for the example you referenced, I’ll have to think about it. I want to be careful about getting too expansive in an already long article.

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Does this:

({ "Bob", "Mary", "Bob", "Alice" } - { "Bob" })

Equal this:

"Mary", "Bob", "Alice"

Or this:

"Mary", "Alice"


I don’t remember the result from the post and I can test it myself.

I just thought it might be beneficial to indicate in the article whether the subtraction removes only the first occurrence or ALL occurrences.


Got it! Good point! Done.


Felt inspired huh?!