Updated doc: Math Expressions

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Thank you Steve for update!

I still struggling with Division involving number , decimal , percent etc. it could be potentially bug though. I placed exactly same formula in initial value and virtual column . Both returns different number. I will try to reproduce.

When the complex division calculates for instance , division calculation is nested within another cal and each element is either number or decimals , and proper integer or decimal number involved, it is difficult
To expect the return .

It should be reasonable if number devised by number should return decimals rather than always returning number.

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Looks great, Steve!

In general I agree. I feel that division should always run as if the number are already Decimals. If being put into a Number column, it should just truncate the decimal portion (not round). But at the same time, I imagine changing this behavior will lead to other issues.

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I agree, but I just document the behavior. I have no power to change it.

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