UPDATED: Temporary issue with image display

We are observing an issue with the display of images captured via apps. Our current understanding is that it seems to be a problem with the proxy layer we use to serve images. We’re continuing to investigate and will keep you posted as we learn more.


UPDATE: we use Cloudflare as our proxy layer for web traffic. It is also used to resize images. Cloudflare is undergoing an outage with the resizing service. Cloudflare Status

We have been told that this has been fixed now and that the fix will rollout over the next hour to all the Cloudflare servers. So we hope that AppSheet images will start serving normally after that. We’ll continue to monitor the situation.


FYI, as part of our overall move to Google services, we are actually in the middle of migrating to Google’s default service that handles scalable web traffic. Unfortunately, we have not made that change yet, so we got hit by this issue. Cloudflare is generally a highly available and highly trusted service, so such outages are rare on their part.