Updates on the card view

Updates on the card view

The card view has been a beta feature for a while, and recently I’ve put in some work to make it more flexible and full-featured. I’ve got a new experimental version that supports different layouts, incorporates some missing features from the original version, and has a more sleek design.

Here’s video showcasing the idea.

Try it out

I'd rather we experiment with this some before we roll it out for everyone. Please don't rely on this design -- let's get some feedback and iterate on it first!

To test it out, add this to the URL of your app.


Put it right after your app name. So in the editor the URL to the editor should look like this.


And for the app itself outside of the editor, here's what the URL looks like.


Feel free to try it out and leave some comments below.



Is that AS native progress bars I spy?

THIS WAS EXACTLY THE FLEXIBILITY I WAS LOOKING FOR IN CARD VIEW!!! I’ve been using a gallery view to accomplish the same thing, but wanted something a little more robust and cleaner looking!

Edit: I think the only other request I would have, would be to allow some sort of grouping. Gallery doesn’t do it either.

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Very cool!

These new card view options look absolutely stunning, especially with the:
• picture header on top of the card
• progress bars

It would be great to have options for:
• grouping (as @Bahbus requested)
• clicking on a card activates a behavior action
• have an option for no picture on the card so you don’t get this white space (see picture)

These new card views would be a game changer for apps I develop. Thank you for sharing your plans with us. Can’t wait to see them implemented.


I’m glad others are hoping for grouping and I like your ideas as well.

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I’m working on some new sample apps that use the new card view options - check out this updated version of the National Parks sample app for ideas:


Wow! Those look much improved from the card views now! That will help my app! Thanks for the sample!



While you’re at it - would you be able to get these really well-designed cards into … a KANBAN?

Kanban is one big thing missing from the views and clients desperately need this for project management…


Thanks for the feedback everyone! I’m hearing some requests for how we arrange and group a set of cards. That’s something I’d love to address in the future. I’ll keep people posted with our progress on grouping and arranging.


Hey Jon - in case you haven’t tried this yet, create slices for project stages, create a card view from each slice, and put those views into a dashboard in order to get most of the way there to a proper kanban style app. Adding some quick actions to toggle card status helps move them around.



Hey Peter

Not a bad idea - but still ‘workaround-y’ :slight_smile:

In the world of Trello, Wrike, Asana, Monday.com, and Notion… clients are used to drag and dropping cards around and the whole experience being Trello-like.

I’m not saying your idea won’t work. It will and i’ve never thought about it like that to be fair.

I’m saying that would be nice if @morgan is working on ‘grouping’ cards… maybe grouping can also be done in a Kanban style, something that would shine in dashboard view on a big screen for example…


That definitely makes sense, @Jon_S, good to hear there’s demand for more robust project management style features.

In the meantime, for anyone looking for a place to get started, using slices and actions to progress items through stages is a super common use-case, used in a variety of ways (especially now with the introduction of new cards). Here’s a real simple sample you can copy and try out:


Awesome work, @Peter! I’m wondering if this could be combined with the card view swipe action. That would almost be like dragging the row between lists, like in Trello.


Dude! Your efffin nailed it! Great idea!

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The card view does not appear to have swipe actions…

I’m always impressed by the Appsheet team’s ingenuity and user-centric philosophy. Good work!

As @Grant_Stead alluded to, @morgan, it would be great to include Actions upon Clicking or Swiping a card (not just through the behaviors recommended via the action bar).

Most of the time I don’t want my user to lookup the details of the card. Rather I’d like to send them to another view that the card references.

This would be my number one feature I’d like out of Card View, since Behaviors upon Clicking and Swiping are available in the other views but not Card View just yet. Lacking this feature is the main reason so far why I’m not using card view.


Hey @Sean_Lim - the new card view will have clicking actions like you described. They won’t have swiping to start, but that’s a good idea to consider.



It really just seems like the card view should end up being a better more malleable version of the deck view…

I see there are progress circles, and small map views. Can we start beta testing that for you :grin:.