Updates on the card view

Gotta love card views. Definitely a game-changer. Pumped for the new updates.

Wondering what this setting is for:

Is it for a planned Number type column that allows counts to be displayed next to a button? Currently not giving me any column to select.


Are we getting updates on this yet?


Wondered if this is a bug in Card View…

I have Cards displayed as a ref view of an Interactive Dashboard view. I use them for displaying longer text without truncation. They look like little postit notes and the data I am displaying is from a Notes data source so all the better.

In this view I have an Action Button displayed as an overlay that when clicked opens a Form to Add a new record in the Notes Table.

When the form is submitted, the master id (Ref) is not associated with the newly added record and the note becomes an orphan and not related to the master.

If I change the View Type from Card to Deck and do the same thing with the same action button and same form, the master id IS carried across to the child record and it is related as expected.

Does anybody else experience the same problem with Cards?

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The challenge is when you want to change the grouping you have to hop to table view, change the grouping setting and then when you revert back to card view you have to reset all of your selections.

AppSheet Team: Is there any commitment or timeline to offering grouping as a card feature?

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Today I created a card view based dashboard. Image is below.

My testing showed that even though the linked columns values of columns used in the card view changed through another view and so in the back end table , the changed values do not reflect in the card view. For example the large white font digits and percentage values below them do not reflect changes.

Has anyboady else experienced this behavior? Am I missing some point?

Edit: A relevant post of today below

Edit 2: : Also marking @Lynn, @tsuji_koichi and @Tony_Insua from today’s post in the questions section referred above. Sothat they also get further updates on this query.


Hi @Peter,

Somehow it appears that the changes to underlying data do not reflect in the card views as mentioned in my post above.

I copied the sample app “National Parks” you have created to deonstrate the use of card views.

The card views do not seem to be consistently updating the change in underlying data. In the sample app when I changed national parks’ names , the changes reflect in the table view but not consistently in card views.

As the table view below shows , I have added the word “Park” to all the below parks’ names


However the changes do not reflect in the app editor’s mobile card view as well as when I tested on an android mobile device card views.

However when I try to test by relaoding browser in desktop view the changed names reflect in desktop view as shown below

I request any insights/ guidance you may have on this card view behavior you may have.


Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar thanks for sharing these examples, you’re not the only one experiencing this - those fields do appear to be ‘caching’ and not updating immediately, investigating now with the team.


Thank you very much @Peter.

The card views are powerful and can be very effectively used for say KPIs reporting dashboards, with real time updates,


Is it just me or are virtual columns not being updated in the Card View?

Hey Grant,

They appear to be working in my app. Can you send a couple of screenshots or describe the issue a little bit more so I can try to reproduce the issue?



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You’ve got DM

Hi All,

Is there a release note or post about this update?

I’m having trouble figuring this one out as well.

We can use an Address column as the image:

to get a map:

This is very cool.
Could you please extend this to XY columns?
This would produce an image without all the Google Stuff that we have right now:


That would be awesome!

The button seems to reset the template to a default status with all fields shown. But the button implies that there are backend changes and tweaks the AppSheet team are playing with for the layout aren’t being immediately pushed to end users in case it breaks things. The red dot would also imply there are pending layout updates waiting to be applied, but applying updates doesn’t make the red dot go away so there is no way to actually know if anything is actually changed or different.

I’m going to go through all my card views and click it, reset them, and save the app just in case there were some changes that are important, but I otherwise have no idea.


LMAO: one of the card view updates, changes the way they display inline on the emulator in “tablet” view:

Now, this doesn’t actually have any effect on anything. My actual tablets display fine. And the web browser preview does as well. So I’m sure this is just a weird bug with the specific “screen size” of the tablet emulator.

On the other hand, this really exemplifies the high resolution of these pictures. :rofl:



@Suvrutt_Gurjar After honing in on the “updating issue” @morgan and co. were able to isolate the issue and correct it. Mine is now working corectly.


Thank you for this excellent update @Grant_Stead. Thank you very much @morgan and team.This resolution of updating issue opens up many options of creating visually appealing KPI and other dashboards with card views. Thank you @Peter as well.

I will also try it now.

Please note of this update @Tony_Insua , @Lynn and @tsuji_koichi.