Updates on the card view

Here is a video of the behaviour i’m getting:

E.g. still seeing ellipses when actions are turned off

None of the fixes seemed to reach me either. Cleared cache on the browser. Easiest part to screenshot is the overflow text.


Blank screen in chrome, android

Hey @pbabis, a separate issue has been causing this blank screen. We’ve identified the issue and will have a fix ASAP. You can see updates about that here: Big Bug in system detail card view!

For the remaining issues, it may require switching the card layout, clicking save, reloading the page, and then changing the card layout back to the original. I know that’s annoying for now. I’ll keep everyone posted with more fixes and updates. Thanks!!

I’m really trying to make the card-> list view work but no sequence of changing the view / refreshing seems to work for me. The actions are still busted.

Hey @Jonathon. I added another fix that addresses the actions in the list card. It should go out to you tomorrow. I’l send out another notice once it’s deployed. Thanks.


Thanks @morgan, I really appreciate your taking the time to keep us all updated. :smiley:

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Hey @morgan, sorry to bug you, but I tried switching away the card layout (and deleting it), saving, clearing cache, reloading, and recreating the view. It still struggles (randomly it seems) with large cards and sometimes requires toggling back and forth between large and a different Card type until it sticks. And I still can’t get LINKTOFILTEREDVIEWs to work when a Card view is the destination.

Edit: For anyone still have troubles with Large Cards, first completely setup the Photo Card, save, then switch to Large. That seems to work the best so far.

I think all these comments explain it a little? I think the code needs a full debug and retesting and may have been rushed to deployment to fast.

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Thanks @Bahbus and @Jonathan_S, I’ll investigate these issues further. I might request access to one of your apps to help me reproduce the issue. Thanks again!

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No problem. Happy to help solve and debug. I only wish I could help from the backend.

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Not a problem at all,
You can use my maintenance app. This is where i was having the issue.

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Reporting 2 additional Card View bugs:

Bug #1: Card Views do not seem to have a Detail View associated with it. This is problematic because a Detail of a Card may have content that I may wish to hide.

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 7.01.28 PM

Bug #2: Actions with LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Card View”, ___ ) seems to work fine the first time they are used, but each additional Action seems to bring up the same Filtered View as the first. You only get the correct intended Filtered View if you refresh the browser.

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