Updates on the card view


The list -> card view is automatically grouping by a REF column. This is generally fine, but it would be nice to be able to toggle this off.

The bigger issue is turning off the system view ref action doesnt work. It remains clickable, and takes me to a system detail view that I don’t generally want users to be able to access. Note that turning off the system action hid the chevron icon, but the link text remains clickable.

I found that this only occurs if I had any other view that was grouping, that was then converted to a card view.

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Interesting interaction. You’re right, switching the view to table and then back to card removed the grouping. Thanks.


Hopefully that helps with debugging

Basically, grouping for Cards exists. It’s just hidden. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been exploiting this “hidden feature” as well :wink:

One thing that would be nice to show but isn’t showing up for me yet for Card View is the Format Rules Symbol that should carry over from a REF type column. Do certain Format Rules seem to not work for anyone else?

Bug with Delete Action
When we chose the system generated Delete Action in Card View, the Button is not vissible.
I think this has to do with the renaming of the TRASH symbol in font awesome:
In my App the system generated delete Action has the icon “trash-o”.
It will only get visible if I name it “trash-alt”.