Updating another table from a change on a table


I have 2 tables, one for pet owners and one for pets. Each table has a Status column (Status in the Owners table and Pet Status, in the Pet table.) I’m trying to figure out how to update the Pet Status in the Pet table when the Owner Status changes. I found this article:

But it only describes how to do the second part with Workflows, which are no longer available. There are only bots and any Process/Task item I’ve found so far only lets you run actions from the same table.

Can someone please help me?

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The easiest way would be with virtual columns.

Pet Status column with the formula:


It happens instantaneously while using the bot will take a few seconds.

The downside of the VC is that on a large database, with the formulas running for all the records at every sync, on the long run could cost you sync time.

I see that someone updated that article, but it still refers to workflows which are no longer available. It needs to be rewritten with greater clarity and to use Bots, Events, Processes and Tasks.


I agree!