Updating Calculation

(George H Thomas) #1

Within my app prototype, I just updated the value in one of the cells of the spreadsheet. I am calculating the user input in Column C x Column D. The old value in Column D was 665.75 and the new value is 651.199 , when the app runs through the calculation, the old value continues to be used. I have deleted all the previous rows of calculations, leaving just one row. I am using Google Sheets. Any ideas ( I am not a programmer ! ) thanks in advance!

(Steve Coile) #2

The app will not see changes made directly to the spreadsheet until a sync from the app occurs.

(George H Thomas) #3

In which part of the app would I sync that spreadsheet? I have not used this for awhile and there used to be a “reload” or some similar command?

(Steve Coile) #4

There is a Sync button on the app screen in either the top or bottom bars.

(George H Thomas) #5

I have tried the app sync buttons and still no change.

Under data / columns in the web based interface,

What is the “regenerate structure” that is the area where there was a “refresh” or sync like feature previously.

(Steve Coile) #6


(George H Thomas) #7

Thanks for the help! What threw me off was the “are you sure” and dialogue on the regenerate. Additionally the (wrong) values that I had calculated before the regenerate may have effected the calculation. It is working now!

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