Updating column values -unexpected behaviour

I created a really simple process in automation which does this:

  1. A step (“step1”) calls another process and sets the value of column col7 to a text and a time stamp

  2. The process called by step1 calls a task to send an email which has the contents of col7 in it. The contents of col7 are included correctly in the email, i.e. the value set by step1 is shown

  3. In a step directly after step1, a task to send another email is called. This email also includes the contents of col7. In this email, the contents of col7 included are whatever they were before step1 updated the column

Note: I used two different tasks to send the emails so that I could see which email was sent from where. But I get the same result if I swap the email tasks; the task that is called from a process underneath (i.e. called by) step1 produces the correct email but the task that comes after step1 produces an email where col7 has not been updated.

I find this very counter intuitive. If a step calls another step which uses an updated column, I would expect a step that comes after to be able to use the same updated column and get the same result.


Thanks for bringing this up.

This issue happens when parent and child process both operate on the same table. We are aware of the issue and working provide a fix.


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This fix for this issue has been deployed.
The use case you described should now work as expected.


@Dan_Bahir Great, thanks for sorting!

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