Updating Excel spreadsheet in linked Dropbox....

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Updating Excel spreadsheet in linked Dropbox.

Hello Brains Trust. I am needing some assistance please.

I created a simple spreadsheet register in an Excel File that has been shared by my client to me. That is, my client is the Admin on the Dropbox folder that the excel spreadsheet is located. I created the App from my Dropbox login account and shared the App with myself on my Gmail account. I can install the App as Shared and enter details in the Form I created and press SAVE and the form refreshes and does what it is intended to do. However, the spreadsheet does not update unless I click a pop up window from Drop Box that says “Get Craig C’s Version”. The first row I inputted inserted once I clicked the DropBox pop up, however the second time it does not want to do anything.

I have 2 questions: 1) Why does it do this and not automatically update the row in the spreadsheet like it should without any user interaction. 2) I want my client to test the prototype and obviously can’t while this error is showing up. Is it just on my side, or will my client experience this also? I hope that was a good explanation. 3)Do I need to create the App through my DropBox account rather than my standard GMail account as I did not know how to create the App in Google to update the DropBox file.

Thanks in advance.

(Craig Clancy) #2

The issue seems to have resolved itself. My client logged in through Gmail and the Excel Spreadsheet updates in DropBox no worries. It also seems that If I have the excel sheet open I am seeing a ‘virtual’ version I think, so it works fine if the worksheet is not open.