Updating Google Play store app release with a non-AppSheet app update

Context: I am a Publisher Pro subscriber and I am happy with the AppSheet platform.

Hi, I have a hypothetical question.

Correct me if I am wrong but, it is my understanding that since AppSheet subscribers have access to the certificates and provisioning files of the iOS version of an app that it is possible for one to replace an existing AppSheet created app on the App Store with something that is not without losing the user base (i.e. with the same Bundle ID).

Is the same possible for the Android version of an AppSheet app on Google Play because I’ve read we need a “keystore” file to sign the app in addition to the Package ID which I believe we can already access.

So let’s say many years into the future I would like to go down a different development path because I have specific feature needs that are not available on the AppSheet platform; is it possible for a Publisher Pro subscriber to replace an AppSheet app with a custom app without having to file for a brand new app on Google Play and in turn lose the existing user base?