Updating other Tables behind the scenes

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My Q is around updating tables in my App without having to manually opening and Save them through the interface?

I would like my app to automatically about the child tables that reference it without manual intervention.

Imagine a diet App:
I have a diet ingredients data table:
The different ingredients are the main source of data entry and this has data referenced form another table that provides the level of Calcium, Protein, Fat sodium etc

There is another table - a Totals Table that totals these ingredients and the totals of Calcium, Protein, Fat sodium etc - there is no user input required as these are all calculated (totalled) fields.

How am I able to update the Totals sheet without manually having to open and save each time there is a change in the ingredients table.?

I then have additional sheet that uses these totals in other calculations but I imagine that the answer to above will allow me to resolve the same issue with it.

I have tried both Static and Virtual columns but neither seem to do what is required ?

Any Assistance would be greatly appreciated !



Why would the totals change if there has been no other change in the app?

Hi Steve, I need the totals to change if I add\update the diet components without having to open the Totals related table - does that make sense?



A data change workflow.

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As @Pratyay_Rakshit suggests, you could use a data change workflow (or bot), or you could attach an action directly to the form the user uses to update the ingredients table. In either case, you’ll attach an action to the ingredients table that triggers when a change is made in the ingredients table. The action will need to find the appropriate row of the totals table and trigger that totals row to update itself with the new ingredients row. The simplest approach is probably to attach the update action to the ingredients form view.

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