Updating Transaction

Hi. I am trying to implement a product process we have that goes through 6 stages. I am using a QR Code to scan the product at every stage.

I am going to split each stage into a slice. First stage is Quality Check and the user generates a new record and saves. Second stage is Fabrication which a different user enters additonal information on.

What I would like to do is when the Fabrication user scans the unique QR Code it returns the associated UNIQUEID() of the transaction generated in the previous stage. I don’t want to present the user in stages 2 and above with a listing of transactions generated in stage one. When they click Fabrication it opens up a form and when they scan the QR Code it pulls in the original transaction data.

Hope this makes sense.

Any help on this would be great, thanks.

To locate all rows that match the scanned barcode:

FILTER("MyTable", ([Barocde] = [_THISROW].[Barcode]))

To get only one row rather than a list:

ANY(FILTER("MyTable", ([Barocde] = [_THISROW].[Barcode])))

To get a link to view the one row, suitable for use with an action:

LINKTOROW(ANY(FILTER("MyTable", ([Barocde] = [_THISROW].[Barcode]))), "MyView")

See also: ANY(), FILTER(), LINKTOROW()

Thank you @Steve. I think any of those 3 options will work for me because the Barcode represents a unique product code. I have gone with option 1 but a little unclear where to apply the expression. The scanning of the QR Code populates the [Product Code] column in each slice. Do I apply the expression as a formula here?

Hi. Re my previous post, Am I right in thinking I need to create a search form with just a [Product Code] field which the user populates through scanning and apply any of the 3 options above as a ‘Form Saved’ action to direct them to the next slice of the original record?

For the second slice I have a view called Fabrication which updates table Operations Master Check.

Yeah, you’ll need a separate search form with a Form Saved event action to direct the user to the appropriate view. Option (3) is the one that will do that.

Thank you @Steve. Did that and it works perfectly.

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