Updating value based on date


I have a table called Pole_Movement_Master with a column [Sheet Number]. I am auto generating this number through an appformula. I only want the number to incement by one each day as opposed to each transaction.

Could somebody advise what I could add to my expression so that the Sheet Number is only incremented when today’s date changes?

Any help would be great, thank you.

To do what you want, there must be some way to determine the day has changed. Is there a date associated with each row already? For instance, if there were a column called StartDate that contained the date from which you want the count started, you could compute the days since that StartDate as (HOUR(TODAY() - [StartDate]) / 24).

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Thanks for that @Steve. Yes I have a [Date] column for each row. I will use that, thank you.

Could I ask a follow up? I want to generate a daily report which will list all the rows in the Pole_Movement_Master table for that day. I want the report created for the Entire Table but I cannot add in a [Date]=TODAY() condition for ‘Entire Report’ option.

Could you propose a way for me to generate 1 single report each day which will contain all the rows dated TODAY()?

Thank you.

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Hi @MauriceWhelan Maybe you could create a slice for TODAY() and then use that to generate your report.


Many thanks for your suggestion @Lynn. I will try that.

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