Upgrade app access issues

I’m seeing an access issue after running an update. I’ve done only a few of these so I’m not sure if I’m doing this incorrectly or it’s appsheet.
Copied an app, with no data, made changes, updated the data in the copied app, ran the upgrade from the app upgrade window, did not return that I copied and used as the upgrade to prototype. When a user tries to access they get a message that their email dosen’t have authorized access. Additionally in that message it points to the name of the copied app and not the main app. 1. Should I return the copied app to prototype after upgrade? Or…?
And when I copy and app that will be used for an upgrade, should I also check for users in that app? or reinstall them?

Hi @Rod! Here’s a quick support article that may be able to better assist with the upgrade issues you’re encountering. If this is not able to resolve your issue, please submit a support ticket to support@appsheet.com