Upgrade several connected apps

Hi everyone.

I’m bringing an issue regarding App Upgrade. I know it has been discussed many times, I’ve read lots of discussions but none contains the adequate answer or tips.

In a few words : I need to upgrade many apps connected to the same data set of sources (google sheet files).

Here is my context :
I am currently developing a kinda HR solution for my company.

So far, i have 4 apps for 4 different population of users :

  • Employees,
  • Managers,
  • RH people,
  • Solution Administrators

As said above, all apps are connnected to the same set of files (around 20 so far)

We are building a complete system, but bringing it to end users through several main deliveries this year.
So I created two distinct environments :

  • PROD : 4 apps currently seen and used by end-users
  • DEV : 4 apps on which my team is working to add new feature.

After first deployment, to create the DEV environment (sources and apps), I had to duplicate all apps and link them all manually to DEV set of sources.
To be honest, it has been a true pain to replace all 20 sources in 4 apps…

I was hoping that App Upgrade feature could help me there, but i’ve read countless times that the original data source is disrupted and replaced by the data source from new version.
When you work on a single app, this might be acceptable, but when you work on several apps (today 4, we might need 8 by the end), it isn’t. Too manual steps, too many risks…

I’d like to point out that we will apply many changes between deliveries (data, notifications, workflows…), and therefore we can not do it in one app, test, and then duplicate in a another.
Too many risks of forgetting something.

Can anyone help me please​?
Anyone who built a set of apps connected to one another ?

Partitions might help:

Beyond that, AppSheet is not inherently well suited or complex systems.

Scaling doesn’t seem to help much, since I’d have the same problem with going from DEV to PROD, as my data structure changes.

I was first told to create multiple apps because of users access
And now I’ve done that, I realise that I can’t upgrade easily…
Well… the more i get to use AppSheet, the more I wonder what it is suited for. :frowning:
If it’s juste for single use action and limited population, it will be quite poor for a company…

I add great expectations since Appsheet advertise that companies such as Solvay use its solution
My company is nowhere near Solvay-scale, and I would already be reaching AppSheet limits ??
I’m definitely curious as to what Solvay deployed with Appsheet…