Upgrade subscription


I am on free plan and planning on upgrading to Pro. My organization has already procured 10 pro licenses and “invited me” using my email ID. But still my account is still showing as Free.

Whats the recommended approach for upgrade?

Hi, those licenses belongs to your organization. When you use the app that belongs to your organization form example through the editor as a co-author, you are still using your own account and that’s why you see it as free.

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Thanks for the response Aleski but still not clear.

My team (developers of 5) are creating an application for deployment which required PRO plan, and the end users count are around 25. In this case I assumed to buy 25+5 licenses as was told every active user of the app is considered an license. (BTW the admin who bought the license is now showing as PRO).

How should myself and my team of developers then “convert” to pro plan in order to deploy apps etc.?

If you are developing app(s) for the client and they have 25 licenses already, you would not need any licenses if you are set as a co-author by the customer and you are not using the app with the mobile or browser with the full screen mode.

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