Upload Complete Notification


I was wondering if there is a feature or indication other than the red dot disappearing at the top right of the sync icon, to inform users that their form upload is complete. Perhaps something more obvious like a popup or some other method to show a message like “Your resume has been successfully uploaded”. I know an SMS or email can be sent, but wonder if there is an in-app notification option.

Thank you.

I believe , the easier option is to disable the “delayed sync” option so that after every update, the app syncing message is displayed that can be customized for the said form. However I believe this option will be applicable for all other save operations in the app and may not be user friendly.

The workround below is a bit longish. So I request you to wait if someone suggests a simpler and better option. May be I have missed an easier option.

*Add a VC called say [Record Saving Status] with an expression , IF(IN([_THISROW].[Key Column], Table Name [Key Column]), “Resume saved”, “Your resume is getting saved”)

  • Create read only a slice with candidate [Name] and [Record Saving Status] columns
  • Create a ref view of detail type on this slice called say 'RecordSave"
  • Create an action called say “RecordSave” with LINKTOROW([KeyColumn], “RecordSave”)
  • In the main form view , please include the “RecodSave” action as event action on record save

The above will need and can be further customized to change the message, posssibly include two images instead of text message, guidance to the user to further navigate from the detail view message once resume saved status is achieved. Also the approach assumes the resume or form is not available to user for edit once submitted because the message will display on every save , even after edit. Even if the form edit message is required, I believe it could be achieved with some more logic.