[Upload file] Control the File Name

Hello AppSheet Community,

I tried to make a File Managing [upload/download] inside an App.

Do someone knows if it’s possible to have control of the generated filename when it’s uploaded?

Normal behavior is : [name of the column].[random number sequence ].[extension file]

Is there a way to control some of the parameters, or just keep the original files name?

Thanks in advance,

As far as I know, there have been bunch of threads and post right here in this community, asking the same questions. But answer for now is there is no mechanism to change the file names.
When we upload files, Appsheet re-name uniquely all the time.

I remember there might have been feature requests posted before.

Yeah, i’m sure it was an old question already asked.

i will try to find the request feature post.

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Hi, there is there any update regarding this query? I do have similar challenges with regards to the filename via File Upload. Many thanks