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Dear Developer AppSheet

I want you to add feature “Upload File” like Google Form at AppSheet. At Google Form, you can upload file to Google Drive and make link automatically to find path file been uploaded at spreadsheet (Google Sheet).

Best Regards,
Elbert Giovanni H

Did you consider to construct and generate full path as URL to your saved file?

Dear Tsuji Koichi

Yes, I do. But, I prefer AppSheet can construct and generate full path as URL from my file been uploaded/saved to Google Drive

Best Regards,
Elbert G

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Why do you stick with URL with Google? Appsheet can generate the URL to access to your files you save to your Gdrive from your app.

Dear Tsuji

Thank you for your response. How do I make AppSheet can generate The URL to access to my files I save at GDrive ?

Best Regards,
Elbert Giovanni H

See my other post advising how to generate URL

This is great for including a valid link to a drive file in a mail.

Now back to the first question : how can I get a drive picker to request the user to upload any type of file, have this file stored to drive, and have an entry in a ‘document’ table to store the link together with relevant information on the document ?

Sorry, probably I m not fully understanding what you would like to achieve.

Do you want to let the app user pick up files which are SAVED in the google drive, rather than local device?

What do you mean with “have an entry in a ‘document’ table to store the link together with relevant information on the document ?”

Thanks for your interest.

Our current App Maker application is a GED used for such purposes as collecting ‘know your client’ documents (proof of ID, residence, certificate of incorporation for companies …). Documents can be pdf, but also word, excel, any type of document.

They are all stored on google drive.

For each document stored on drive, we have an entry in a mysql table, with columns such as : status of the document (validated, unvalidated), the validity date, the link to the document on drive etc …

Documents can be uploaded from the computer disk, but also be moved from another google drive folder, where external users may have deposited them.

For moving from app maker to appsheet, we need the capacity to have the equivalent of the ‘drive picker’ allowing either to pick up from the hard drive or allow selecting the document on the drive, and then storing it in the destination folder.

Any clue on how we can do that ?

Le lun. 24 févr. 2020 à 02:58, tsuji koichi via AppSheet Creator Community appsheet@discoursemail.com a écrit :

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You are welcome and happy to assist your transition from App Maker to Appsheet. First of all, I have never used App Maker before, so my first question is what GED stands for ?

In terms of uploading files which are currently saved in google drive VIA “Appsheet App”, I think it can be done easily. First of all, those files are accessible by your Appsheet App user, meaning the folder on google drive is set as shareable. Based on that, your user install Google driver app to their local computer. Then they should be able to access through MS Explorer on Window, and probably FINDER on mac. It is cloud-tool, so the files on the centralized google driver is synced to all the Appsheet users, but at least it looks like they are storing on their local drive.

Then you create the table/column with FILE type in appsheet. Refering to those file type files, you just place the expression I explained in my previous post as app formula, which will return the URL for the file you upload onto that file type field.
The file(s) you uploaded through the appsheet app will be saved to your cloud service, google drive, app’s particular folder as well. Not sure the gmail account you use for the storage of those files are the same or you do use the different account on the appsheet app, but technically the files which are originated from the google drive will be replicated in the google drive but on the different folders, but I reckon it wont be an issues for you.

Am I on the right track?

Many thanks. GED stands for ‘Gestion Electronique de Documents’ in french, which means EDM : electronic document management.

Yes you are on the right track.

In fact we don’t allow internally local syncing of files. But we can have users download files from Drive and then upload them in Appsheet.

In Appmaker, we had the possibility to manage file sharing permissions using Drive Api. Do you see any possibility to do this from appsheet ?

Kind regards

Le lun. 24 févr. 2020 à 09:05, tsuji koichi via AppSheet Creator Community appsheet@discoursemail.com a écrit :

It is depending on what exactly you want to achieve, also you are happy with coding GAS (Google App Script) or want to avoid coding etc.

If you want to generate access link (URL) for all the file you save on google drive, the google sheet add ons, such as this (https://support.awesome-table.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004223619--Part-2-Use-Files-Cabinet-to-display-Google-Drive-contents) will generate the google sheet where you can find the shareable URL for all the file. Then you keep it kinds of “master table” for existing files and let Appsheet read this table.

Then on your other table in Appsheet app, make a parent/child relationship where user picks up the file (basically link to file in google drive) and generate the list of files they want to attach to parent table and row.

I think you can do loads of things to solve your problem, but this is just for your guidance only.

Thanks again.

We are happy to code GAS. But how do integrate GAS into Appsheet ?

Le lun. 24 févr. 2020 à 10:44, tsuji koichi via AppSheet Creator Community appsheet@discoursemail.com a écrit :

On the appsheet platform, i.e. appsheet editor, there is no feature to add GAS or any other code. Appsheet stands as reputable NO-CODE platform, so it is making sense.

But on the Google spreadsheet, you can add your GAS to generate any custom behavior you need.
So appsheet is reading your google sheet if you select it as data source. And on the separate world you run your GAS on the same spreadsheet to do something you need.

Thats how GAS is used along with Appsheet.

Hi Dear Renaud,

I have many application in production with an active GED feature, all made thought AppSheet.


“we have an entry in a mysql table”

  • Do having an SQL table is mandatory ?

“Documents can be uploaded from the computer disk, but also be moved from another google drive folder, where external users may have deposited them.”

  • Upload from Drive ? [Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Etc…]
  • Who’s in charge of moving documents? Why ? is this mandatory ?


  • Do your Application need to be compliant for mobile usage ? [ Android, Iphone ]

  • What kind of users privileges or rights do you want to implement ?

I am ready to help you to find if AppSheet is compatible with your needs.


PS : I’m french, don’t hesitate to contact me in private

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