Upload one image for multiple item rows

Currently, I want to just upload one image for the same part number. Instead of taking photo one by one for each row, how can I take a photo to let it populate for the same part number? Do I need to write some sort of expression or ref?

I have tried to use this formula:
SELECT(RMA[Photo of Item],AND([RMA#]=[_THISROW].[RMA#],[Part No]=[_THISROW].[Part No])
But it gives me error as the data type is Image although it is a valid expression.
Please advice me on this issue. Thank you

Wrap your expression with ANY().

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Thanks for helping.
I have wrapped my expression with ANY() but when I upload a photo for the part number. The other rows with the same part number does not populate the same photo that I have uploaded for the photo.
How can I solve this?

You’ll need to update any other rows that should use the same image.

Sorry, this is not what I am looking for. I wanted to upload just once for those rows with same RMA# number and same Part No. Is it possible with the ANY() formula ?
Thank you for the help and sorry to trouble you too.