Upload Spreadsheet with cross-sheet IDs so AppSheet auto-detects References

AppSheet is not auto-recognizing references to other sheets/tables when I import my structure from a spreadsheet. In my Excel document, I have tabs/sheets such as, for example, “Organizations” and “Users”. The Users sheet has “Organization ID” as a column, the Organizations table also has “Organization ID” as a column. The values are 1, 2, 3, … Am I missing anything obvious? What is the proper way to achieve this?
Thank you for reading!

I don’t think its based on ID but based on column name. For example, you have the table “Organizations”. In the table “Users” you would want the column name “Organization”.

At least I think that’s how it works.


Yes! This works! It created the REF automatically.
Here is a working example for a gardening business:

Sheet 1: Garden
|Plot Name|Square Feet|
|213 Court Way|5|
|216 Court Way|20|
|210 Court Way|100|

Sheet 2: Client
|Client Name|Garden|
|John|213 Court Way|
|Scott|216 Court Way|

Thank you very much!