Uploaded image is not displayed in other appsheet app

Hello All,
I have Appsheet App called MyFirstApp uses MySQL database hosted in google Cloud SQL as backend, my table is called Products which contains a column of type image,

I created MySecondApp which uses the same table Products, however MySecondApp display all the fields data of the records created by MyFirstApp EXCEPT the Image column is not displayed !!!
my question is how i can display the images of the table Products in MySecondApp which uploaded by MyFirstApp ?

my question seems might be not clear enough,
So I wil share withyou my thoughts about this issue, which might be correct,
the images which uploaded to the table Products using MyFirstApp are stored in MyFirstApp Folders,
whereas when I use the same table Products in MySecondApp, the app can not recognize the folder name and the path of the images, so it can not display them,
if this is the issue, how i can make MySecondApp go the images path in MyFirstApp and display the images,
thanks all, waitting for your help,

I haven’t tried to do what you’re trying, so all I can offer is a guess: I suspect both apps need to be configured to use the same Default app folder:


Yes, It works very well after doing what Steve suggested, Thanks So MUCH Steve,

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