Uploaded images are saved without extension


Sometimes our users upload images from their phone’s gallery, and the image appears to be ok in the app, but then a workflow sends an email, and the attached images can’t be opened.

Upon review I’ve noticed that some of the images are not being stored with an extension, for example:
Plan General_Images/SV1850701.Acta de Entrega 3.135704. m._61616

Where others end in .jpg

How can we fix this? I couldn’t find naming anywhere (neither for the workflow attachments, under other attachments, nor the column where images’ paths are stored).

Please help!


David S

Are all the phones the same? Or are they different makes and models? Are they all using the same camera settings? If they are uploading from their gallery and not taking a new photo through the app, it could come down to an individual user error.

Is there anything else in common with the error? Does it seem to mostly be the same few people attempting to upload these extensionless pictures?

hu @Bahbus

So far only one user’s; but the App should be able to keep the .jpg extension ate the end of the file; if i add it manually on the drive folder, it opens the image; so ultimately Appsheet’s upload engine/naming should be able to sort that out, wouldn’t you agree?

PS: The column is set to IMAGE, not FILE, so it should be straightforward in terms of allowed extensions

Hmm seems something else weird is going on. I only really deal with hardcoded images and not user uploaded ones.