Uploading pictures to AWS S3


I’ve successfully connected to my AWS S3 Server which I plan to use for storage

My App uses MySQL as its database.

The next thing I did was to go into the Table menu and go the Storage section and change the Store for image and file capture

Now, after some testing I’ve seen that this is what gets saved into the App when I add a new image to that column:

Although when I go back and define the column as an Image I cannot actually see the image.

When I check the data details I see that the files appears as not found

Finally I went to the database and made sure that the files were beign saved and that I can open the files
The files have this links associated with them, which work (I can click them and see the files)
The URL structure is this one (changed for sake of this post):


I sitll cannot see the image in the App.
The only thing that I can think of is that I need to specify the correct path? I haven’t set up any.

Thanks for any help!