UPPER Formula isn´t working

I´ve made a couple of virtual columns usin the formula =upper[Column name] to turn every letter to a upper case. For example if i write my name as sebastian avila, the virtual columns turns it to SSEBASTIAN AVILA but the appears on my spreadsheet as i origanilly write it. Any idea of what am i doing wrong?

I think I am correct that since this is a virtual column, it does not actually ever show in your gSheet as there is no column for it. It lives in Appsheet only.

You can have users fill in the virtual column [virtualnombre] and use that to fill in the actual [nombre] column with the uppercase result?

Maybe you´re right but i tried this because i read it was posiible in some thread back in Google+ community days. That´s why i tried it. I´ll see what else i can do.

Thank you.

I haven´t tried to make the way you suggest. I´ll gite it a try.

@Mike is correct that virtual column values are never written to the spreadsheet, which is why you don’t see them.

You have two options that I see:

  1. Use two normal (not virtual) columns: one to receive the user’s input, and the second to receive the upper-case equivalent. The first column the user would see on the form to input their name. The second would be hidden from the user on the form, and would use an app formula to calculate the uppercase name. The downside to this approach is that you then have two columns with the user’s name in your worksheet.

  2. Create an action (Behavior > Actions) that converts the value of the normal column that receives the user’s input to uppercase, then attach this action to the table’s form view as a Row saved action. The name will then be converted to uppercase after the user submits the form but before the row is saved to the worksheet. The downside of this approach is that it’s less common and more complex, perhaps making it more difficult to implement and support.