URGENT - app won't load suddenly!

When I try to go to my Android app, which has been in use for some time, with no edits to the app - I’m suddenly getting this error:

The webpage at
could not be loaded because:


I badly need this by morning so I know where my customer appointments are tomorrow! Any assistance greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the Community!!

I cannot access the app as I would need permissions.

I am the original creator, but I haven’t touched the app in a couple years, its just been working! So I’m a bit rusty, how do I give you permissions?

I’m guessing I need your email to grant you permissions?

If you are using Google (or any provider) authentication, then you would just need to add the email below to the users list:


Added with author priveleges, and email sent…

I am in the editor and it seems you have App Formula errors. They seem to be around the usage of the LAT() function. You said you haven’t made changes so maybe there was breaking change in the function?

You will want to correct those errors.

EDITED: I took a quick and it seem the LAT() is using a ChangeLocation type column which should be valid. Maybe the data in the column is bad?

The data looks good to me. I would contact AppSheet ASAP to try to reach them before they end their day

To temporarily get past the error and allow you to launch the app, You might be able to change the Column type for the ChangeLocation columns to LatLong type.

You would not get ChangeLocation updates for any new rows you add.

I’m not currently using the ChangeLocation functionality - that was added by a developer we paid, looking at future versions, but is not something currently being used. What type is it now? I’ll take a look, but if that would allow me to launch, that would be great.

Not sure I understand your suggestion - the error seems to be in the Columns “StartToGPS” and “EndToGPS” with the following error:

Column Name ‘StartToGPS’ in Schema ‘Timesheet_Schema’ of Column Type ‘LatLong’ has an invalid app formula ‘DISTANCE(LATLONG(LAT([TimeSheetStartGPS]),LONG([TimeSheetStartGPS])),LATLONG(LAT([JobLocation]),LONG([JobLocation])))’. Parameter 1 of function LAT is of the wrong type

Since no one else has responded, could you try that - actually not using the “TimeSheet” table at all - if that could be disabled without affecting other parts of the program.

I’ve sent an email to the appsheet team, the only contact info I see is email, with a response promised in 12-24 hours. :frowning: