URGENT: Corporate Plans

Sales Team, please reach out to me as soon as possible. I understand you are busy but I have been trying to reach you for a very long time and I have a funding deadline to meet and I would need the estimated cost for my project.

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I am really sorry to hear that - our sales team will be in touch with you by the end of the day. Would you mind sending me a private message with the email address you contacted? We have ambitious goals for response time in our support channel at support@appsheet.com, and make it a goal to respond to everyone as soon as possible. I want to make sure we don’t have technical issues, or maybe we need to update contact information somewhere.
If by any chance you were reaching out to an individual (example: name@appsheet.com), there are chances that that team member has left the team, which is why we always advise to contact support@appsheet.com.

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Hello Kamila,

I contacted sales@appsheet.com. Now, Nicholas and Ginny are following up with me. Thank you for reaching out!