Urgent help needed - Barcodes not scanning - Drivers can't reach the update capability

Hi everyone, I believe a few issues reported here with the Barcode scanning update have been resolved with a January 2021 udpate but as of yesterday it appears a lot of our drivers are unable to scan. Please see client description below along with the error message. Drivers can’t seem to update the phones.

  • "Yesterday we started having many many reports of the scan function not being available and only manual entry of barcode numbers can be done. We’ve sent update instructions but the users have not been successful with updating the app.
  • No one in IT can replicate the issue on our devices, Samsung Android and iPhone.
  • I’ve worked closely with one of the users and Verified the Appsheet version on the device is 7.000018 and the Routes App is BLUE 6.000011
  • The PA division that is using the Receiving App is also not able to scan using the receiving, there is no option to scan only manual entry.
  • We feel this indicates an AppSheet issue.
  • When they do attempt to scan they receive the attached message, and try to update but there is no update. When the link it touched it goes to Google Play and then shows INSTALLED.
  • Then there is no option scan, no scan button, nothing.
  • Would please ask AppSheet if they can determine the issue? This is a disaster for our Drivers. "

I’ve confirmed Scan capability is configured correctly and reported this to support@appsheet.com but wondered if anyone else has seen the error and if there are any steps we could follow to resolve as soon as possible. We’re on publisher pro.



Until now, we displayed a warning message stating that an upgrade was required to maintain barcode scanning support for older versions of Android. As of today, support for barcode scanning on older Android versions is disabled. Now, a message is displayed that states you must update AppSheet to restore barcode scanning support. Deployed to all.

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Yes, but they’re unable to perform the update as needed.

I’m in touch with Bryan at AppSheet. Thanks Steve

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