Urgent help required - Face Shield logistics support needed


Hi @JCadence & @1minManager

I Hope appsheet and the community can help.

I’m currently working with a team who are crowd funding and printing a very large number of Prusa Face Shields.


We are co-ordinating via slack:


We currently have orders for 3000+ units and are in production on over 80,000 units, with more capacity being added very quickly. I’m about to set up a collection and distribution hub to manage the logistics and we are expecting to have a lot of suppliers and orders to manage.

We are less than 48 hours old and have multiple orders from UK NHS hospitals.

We’re running off a few google sheets and the data is not currently secure, neither is it easy to access/monitor. You can see the various sheets through the Slack forum. If you need a link I can get you one.

Given time I’d be able to set up a number fo apps to manage this data but I don’t currently have time, nor do I know anyone else who is all that capable on Appsheet.

I am hoping the community can help.

If we set this up correctly then it is a system that could be rolled out globally to help with this pandemic. It could help with face shields, masks, ventilators etc. It would need to be easily accessed by individuals and administrators alike, with varying levels of interaction. It’s what Appsheet is brilliant at.

Can anyone help?

Thanks, Tim


Hello Tim;

If you haven’t received help yet, I would love to volunteer time to help you with this. You can reach me at jonathonsinclair@gmail.com.


Hi Tim

Not really used Slack much. But I have an account under simon.w.robinson@gmail.com and a name of 1minManager. Do you need to invite me to your slack space?

I can see your UK based so give me a call if this is easier for you - 07989 787533



me gustaria participar


Hello please let me know how I can help. I have over 20 years of business & logistics experience and develop apps primarily for logistics organizations. There are highly capable developers here but maybe I can help on the logistics side. I do not have a slack account.

Will standby.


Hi! I would be interested in volunteering to help on this or other projects. I have two concerns though:

  1. I’m not a very well-rounded AppSheet developer – there are some things I’ve had lots of practice with on my own app and other areas where I’m quite weak.
  2. Though I’d like to help, I’m afraid that I can only donate relatively small chunks of time (a few hours one day, a few more another day, etc).

If there is a way I might be of help on a project, even with the limitations described above, please call on me.

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I’d be happy to help. I’m and MD and Appsheet user. You can make a Google Drive account HIPAA compliant. Let me know on here if I can be of assistance.