URL Based images not updating when image is changed

I have an image type virtual column with a formula of:


This works great, but sometimes I need to swap out the images in the server folder and the updated images aren’t reflect in appsheet. For example, If I update the image, when I manually type in the image URL, the updated shows up. But the old image is still showing up in the app. It looks like maybe appsheet is storing the initial image pulled from the URL somehow? Any help would be great. Thank you!

When I test the URL/Image Expression, you can see the correct URL is being generated for the image, but the old photo is still being pulled (even though it doesn’t even exist on the server anymore).

I encourage you to contact support@appsheet.com directly for help with this.

I concur with @Steve as I have not had the same issue with relative url paths.

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hank you @Steve and @Bahbus I just sent them an email and will reply with the result

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See topic “Image Caching” in this article https://help.appsheet.com/en/articles/961605-displaying-images-and-documents

@Steve and @Bahbus and anyone else that has this problem; the reason why the images aren’t being updated are because their cached by appsheet indefinitely. I contacted support and they had me change the URL image expression from:




I have no idea what the ?v=2 means or does, but it worked perfectly!