Url calling from third party

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I am trying to Send the form link and ask for url to call this link from outside apps with parameters to create the new entry is this possible with appsheet please let me know how to do it

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You can for example open the form view with the browser and then copy the URL.


@Aleksi thanks i will try that.

@Aleksi Hi i have tried this but it is not working can you please elaborate how it can be achieved

When you open the full screen view with your browser and when opening a form view, you can copy the URL.

In the app editor, in the emulator, click Preview other form factors:

From there, click Open full screen:

In the browser window that opens, note the location URL:

The part between appsheet.com/start/ and #table= is different for each of your apps.

You can also get the URL of a particular view from the app editor directly:

@Steve thank you very much

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Hi @Steve the solution you gave is working with browser view url but not working with url in the UX. What could be the issue…??

Please provide more details.

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@Steve this is the app id :- BulbsShopping-828846

I was trying to get the info from gallery to form please check it once and carry that same info into a another website through a action to the other website once i save that form through a detail view.