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Dear all,

I need your help to solve my problem, I’ve been looking in many posts but I can’t get my app working.

I have an inventory table called INV in which I have ID_EQUIPEMENT (text, Key and label) and URL (text)

I use a form to add a line in QFQ table (it is basically a log table), with ID_EQUIPEMENT (text) is to be filled and a virtual column URL (url) in which I would like to get the value of the URL in INV based on the ID_EQUIPEMENT entered.

here is the virtual column (url) formula in QFQ table that gives no error but does not work :

hyperlink(encodeurl(unique(SELECT(INV[URL], ([_THISROW] = [ID_EQUIPEMENT])))),‘link’)

Two problems:
-I can’t use _THISROW because I means that ID_EQUIPEMENT is the KEY, and I may have the same ID_EQUIPEMENT many times in the QFQ table since it’s a log table.
-Second problem, my formula does’t give me a url result that I could use in an action.

thanks a lot for your help, I’m totaly stuck…

I am not sure if I understand you clearly but recently I think I had to do sth similar.

  1. You need a link that would lead you to specific row, where key column of that row equals [ID_EQUIPMENT], right?
  2. Do you need this link to lead you to specific view too? (detail, form, inline …)
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Not really,

The url in the INV table is a Web url. This INV table has a unique Key ID_EQUIPEMENT.

In the QFQ table, I also have ID_EQUIPEMENT, and I would like to create a virtual column giving the URL of INV based on the ID_EQUIPEMENT.

Thanks !

Are those tables sth like this? Of course not exactly just let me get the concept :slight_smile:

*EDIT, probably table looks like this

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Don’t worry step bro, we’ll get you out.

Could you share a couple of screenshots of your table structure? that will make it easier for us to create the dereference or search expression that you need.


Try instead:




See also:


Thank you so much, it was THE solution. 24h to solve the problem ! so cool !