Url links to other apps

I have a problem where links to specific appsheet apps seem to redirect me randomly to one of the many apps I have created.

The issue is mainly provoked when first opening a new tab, and pasting the link directly, or using a bookmark, but it can also occur when refreshing the browser tab running the app.

The problem is also present when trying to link to the app gallery, where it will also enter a random app

EDIT: Can I solve this problem (and if so, how), or can Appsheet?

Is there a question?

Edited to emphasize question.

I just thought it was implied that when I describe a problem, my question is how to solve said problem

What is an affected URL?

THIS is an example, which should lead to my app gallery, but instead leads to a specific app.

In further testing, the problem seems to always occur for URLs with parameters attached (as they automatically are when the site has loaded, and the user bookmarks them)
I haven’t tested enough to be confident that those URLs are the only ones affected though

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Hmmm… I must admit, I’ve no experience troubleshooting deep-link problems like this. The community doesn’t receive many questions about such problems. Consequently, I’m going to have to refer you to support@appsheet.com for help. They might have to get a developer involved to explain what’s going on.