URL Masking

Has anyone done any URL masking with an Appsheet App?
I’d love to url mask so the user would enter eg. [ww w.abundas. co](ht tp:/ /w ww .abundas. co/), it would show them the appsheet app, but the url would still remain [w ww . abundas. co](h ttp: // w ww .abundas. co/). Would be ideal if I could subdomain the apps, for example, [app1 .abundas .co](http :// app1 .abundas. co/), [app2 .abundas. co](htt p: // app2 .abundas. co/) etc. Anyone done anything like this?

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Our website works exactly like that > www.able3ventures.com
You need to create a URL forwarding w/masking (actually creating an A record) to your app’s browser URL. You can forward either your root domain or sub-domain. For further information on URL forwarding, you need to refer to the documentation of your hosting provider.


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Hi again,

I already did that, and it worked! However when I use the link on a mobile, the site is not responsive. Any ideas to improve this?

You need to enclose your URL inside a responsive CSS coded iFrame container rather than creating a URL forwarding.

Hello @LeventK.

I loaded the url of your site (masked app) on a mobile browser and the page loaded with very small resolution, not optimum for mobile. I observed the same behaviour for my app as well when I am using masking where the resolution on mobile is quite small for people, on laptop size screen, it looks fine.

Do you see the same behaviour for your app on mobile? And if there is a workaround to have optimum resolution for a maksed url on mobile? I checked the resolution for the app direct url (appsheet.com/appid) and that loads fine on the mobile browser.


I figured this out using iframe. Had to make some dimensional edits to the page as the default iframe setup would give the view good for desktop/laptop viewing but not for mobile. The view I have right now is good for mobile where more users are supposed to pull up the app. Here is how it looks now - https://goodflowwebapp.com/



Hi goodflow I trying to mask the URL only for web browsers, Do you have any tutorial or documentation that allow me to create this from 0.

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Hello Carlos.

I don’t have a tutorial for it, there is a page on appsheet, you can search ‘iframe appsheet’. I did refer that page but post that too, I was facing some problem to get the resolution right. Then I figured it using my website developer dashboard. I am using a platform called carrd.co on which I get the following option for the container in which I want to show the app. Please find attached the picture how it looks like. In the container, I selected the Embed object and then placed the app link in the Url. Needed to make some modifications in width and height and got the view on desktop which you would get on the mobile. Hope this helps.

For reference:

In my experience, embedding the application in an iframe blocks users from logging in as a security measure.

I would love to use a URL mask; unfortunately this has been a deal breaker. Unless someone else knows of a workaround.

I have wondered if I could build a custom login flow and redirect through Cognito; just haven’t spent the time.

Hi @LeventK,
I am new to domain management, Can you please help me how to do URL Masking using the A Record you mention to use to the new website that I like to point to.
Thank you very much!