URL to launch externally instead of the appview

My App have links to donation campaigns on its website www.africa-relief.org.
When I click on the link, the website is viewed within the app, but I need it to be viewed outside the app to be within the guidelines for the Apple Store. Can you guide me on how to do it?

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I do know its possible to view the website link outside of the apps provided that you create an action Do This: External: Go to a Website, with “Launch External” sets to ON. Sample below:


Thanks, @Heru! I’ve been using AppSheet for a while but I didn’t know about this. Good to know! :slight_smile:


Thank you Heru! I did know that too, and it shows that it launches externally to a website, but still whenever it is viewed it is viewed within the app.

It needs to be on. In the image, it’s off. :slight_smile:


Yes. I noticed that previously, but whenever I turn it on, it turns back off.

Might need to make a custom action to open the link instead of the system action shown in your picture. I know system actions can be annoying to edit.

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What is the data type for the [Link to Donate] field?

do you have to do something like this? I had to add the LinkToView(), not just the view name.

LINKURL( hyperlink )

  1. You need to copy the system generated link.
  2. Do not Display it
  3. Enable the Launch External button on the NEW Open Url action.

First, I’d like to thank @Heru again. Indeed, it works properly if you copy the action. It’s unfortunate that you need to copy it, though. Since AppSheet is supposed to be an easy platform, having to learn tricks like this just to get an action to do what you want it to is a bit problematic.

I’d also like to thank @Ibtisam_Ali. Until I read your question, I didn’t realize that I needed to make sure that links in my app opened outside of it. I found, though, that links to the following site that provides usage and pronunciation examples from YouTube work better on a normal browser:


Thanks to two you, @Ibtisam_Ali and @Heru, I was able to improve me app. :slight_smile:


My column type is URL. That seems to make an action automatically, if I am not mistaken.

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Any column that can be used externally, ie address, phone, email, url, etc, all generate system actions automatically. These actions almost always should be replaced if you need anything more than the basic action. I do agree with your previous point that since they show being customizable they should be allowed to be changed or shouldn’t allow you to attempt to change them.


Thank you Heru. That worked for keeping the Launch External button turned ON. So, I guess, I should issue a new white label for ios to see if that will go through the review process at the Apple Connect.


I’m glad that my question was some sort of help to you. Heru is the real hero here :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you so much!


Data type is URL.

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New to this and having this exact issue with the “Launch External” button turning off. Can someone explain how to do the first 2 stages of Heru’s solution? “1. You need to copy the system generated link.
2. Do not Display it”

I have a very very very simple sheet with the data in it, column 1: Name, Column 2: URL link to google sheet, Column 3: Short text string.

I have set the action to open the URL link when the name is clicked, it does this but in a web browser, not in the Google sheets App. I assume this launch external button is the issue.

Hi @AviSyst_Admin!

I can rephrase it: “You need to copy the system generated action. Don’t display that action. Instead display the newly copied action.”

Does that clear it up?

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AppSheet cannot open specific apps; there’s no way for your AppSheet app to open the Google Sheets app. Instead, your device must be configured to recognize Google Sheets URLs and open them in the appropriate app. I don’t know how to set that up manually; typically the app itself (like the Google Sheets app) would configure your device to intercept those URLs when the app is installed.

Thanks @Kirk_Masden, I found the “copy” button after reading your post and figured it out from there. It now opens into the Google sheet app directly.

Thanks Steve but all other apps on my phone and the other devices I tested it with open directly to sheets so I was convinced it was an issue with the behaviours on AppSheets rather than a phone default setting.

Thanks all,