URL to launch using Safari on ios device

Is there a way to control which browser to use when launching URL depending on the O.S. of the device? I need the links to be launched using Safari, so the ApplePay can show up, when it is an ios devise. I have ApplePay integrated on my website. It is accessed fine from IMAC desktop, and from Safari browser on an ios devise, but not through my app. Whenever I access the link through my app, Africa Relief, ApplePay does not show up, so I do not have access to it, and for that reason, my app is being rejected during App Review on Apple Store Connect.

So long as your URL is configured to launch externally, I’d expect the URL to be opened in the operating system’s default browser. AppSheet itself cannot be configured to use a particular browser to open URLs externally.


Thank you Steve. But, how would I solve this issue? to get Apple Pay to show up when the link is accessed through the app and on an ios device?

You’ll need to contact support@appsheet.com if my suggestion doesn’t meet your needs.