URL too long - Action Icon does not show for long column content


I have a column to contain a URL. I want the icon to show “in-line”. If I set the action as display inline and “Target” is set to a URL column that has a long text string, the launch icon does not show (in mobile or browser).

If I instead connect the action to a column that has a shorter content, it displays properly.


I would have expected the last x number of pixels of the display are reserved for action icons if they exist. I guess that is not the case?

This means I cannot use display inline for URL’s as most of them can be long. Any workarounds or other ideas???

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I decided to move this to a feature request as I really think the URL column type should be re-designed to include not just a url field, but also the desired title for the link. This would be consistent with other URL type definitions in other applications (eg: sheets hyperlinks or windows shortcuts).

This change would not only clean up the UX, but also allow the Action Icon to be associated with the Text description rather than displaying the actual long URL.


(Levent Kulacoglu) #3

Have you tested HYPERLINK(…) expression?

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not yet. I was expecting the URL Col type to handle this directly. To use a Hyperlink expression I need to add another VC to handle this. Was just thinking this could actually be done in the column definition directly. Anyway… looks like I need to add yet another VC and add the hyperlink formula. For performance reasons, I have been “stingy” and trying to avoid adding extra VC’s if it could be avoided.

HYPERLINK([Vendor Site], [Vendor Name]) : A hyperlink pointing to the URL in the Vendor Site column, with clickable text from the Vendor Name column.