Use expression to set view's position?

I want to change where a view is located based on a value in my user’s table.

For example. Some users want a very simplified menu with four choices. Normal users have a launcher, top level menu, where each item opens another menu screen.

In the case of the simplified menu, I want those users to access the Edit own User Data view from the hamburger menu. Normal users access this via a second level menu.

Can I use an expression to set the position value? I don’t think I can but wanted to check to see if someone knew of a workaorund besides duplicating the view and have one as a ref and one as a menu item in the hamburger menu and use the show if on that view to hide/show depending on the user. Certainly seems like a lost of effort and potential to get the two views out of sync.


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As Steve said, there’s no way to do this. The best you could do is exactly what you were thinking… Duplicate the view and conditionally hide them.


I have this but add one mobile and desktop versions of each view that switch between menu and primary depending on device as well :upside_down_face:
and I can attest to it being alot of effort