Use Image's routes inside google data studio?

Well, i think that this could be a powerfull application to the images, to just take my appsheets pictures and be able to show them on google data studio.
Sadly, Data Studio only works with URL for the images, and Appsheet saves them organizing quite well the folders and giving a key related name.

Is there a way i can get the URL from Appsheet’s images?

That’d be soo cool!

Construct your URL manually based on your app. Then just simply place anywhere you want.


@Cucho , you might be interested in this tip too. It’s not exactly the same as what you are trying to do, but I think it’s similar.


Thank you very much!!! that’d be so helpful!

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Woah!!! That will help a lot! it’s a great idea.


Hey @tsuji_koichi I just worked on this topic, and on the format:

=CONCATENATE("", ENCODEURL("AppName-Account#"), "&tableName=", ENCODEURL("TableName"), "&fileName=", ENCODEURL(+ImageColumnCell))

The +ImageColumnCell part at the end didn’t work for me. What worked was to change that for:
[IMAGECOLUMN] changing the cellname for the input that appsheet gives with the Image’s location and name on your google drive.